6 Makeup Consultation Tips to Help You Connect With Your Clients

Are you a makeup artist? You will agree that one important aspect of your job is the client consultation. It is the time to wow potential clients looking for a reliable makeup artist for a special event they have planned. To convince your client that you are the best person for the job, you need to connect well with them during the client consultation.

The client consultation is the time to communicate with your client and understand what their wants and needs are. It is also the time to experiment and find what works best before the day of the event finally comes. A productive client consultation will give you a greater chance of meeting your client’s expectations on the D-day. So learning to connect well during the time is very important.

This platform doesn’t only have lots of professional makeup artists but also has a good customer base of people looking for the service of a makeup artist. Our goal is to ensure the satisfaction of both parties. So, we do everything possible to see that the job is done well and everybody smiles. Therefore, in this post, we have provided 6 makeup consultation tips that can help you connect with your clients and make them happy.

What Happens During A Makeup Client Consultation?

This is usually the time for a makeup artist to know his or her client and understand the look that really makes her happy. It is a time to ask questions about what the client needs and iron out how you can meet her expectations. A productive makeup client consultation should leave your client confident that a makeup look has been achieved and that it won’t be a problem for you to recreate it on the day of their event.

When you get an appointment for a makeup consultation, ask her a series of questions you know can help you serve her better. You can ask her to come along with inspiration photos or magazines. Plus, make sure the consultation is scheduled at least a week before the event day.

Makeup Client Consultation Tips

#1: Do your homework

Whether you are new to the industry or experienced, you need to do your homework before showing up for client consultation. You should know what styles, trends, and makeup products you think your client would like. That will give you more confidence when speaking with your client and will also make the session easier for you.

If you are a beginner makeup artist, you can ask for advice from experts in the industry. They will give you an idea of how a makeup client consultation usually goes. They will also give you some tips on how to conduct yourself there. So the first tip for a successful makeup client consultation is to do your homework before showing up.

#2: Listen more than you talk

While it is important that you talk to your client during the consultation, it is even more important that you can listen more than you talk. You need to be attentive! Actively listening to your clients talk will allow her to express her needs, wants, and concerns.

Of course, you should ask questions to allow you to understand your client’s expectations. But keep the questions as relevant as possible. Don’t let unnecessary conversation steal away the purpose of the meeting. There is a reason you have one mouth and two ears. Use your ears twice as often as your mouth!

#3: Keep things professional

Being professional will help your client have more confidence in you and what you do. It can be really unsettling talking to someone who seems to be distracted, preoccupied, or elusive. So, remain professional throughout the meeting. Firstly, maintain gentle eye contact when you are speaking with your client. It can help create a very comfortable dynamic.

Also, try as much as possible not to be fidgeting. This can mean anxiety to your client and hence makes it pretty difficult for her to relax. Just keep calm – in your tone and actions. It can mean a lot to your client’s confidence in you.

#4: Know the right questions to ask

Like we earlier said, a makeup client consultation is a perfect time to ask your clients relevant questions. These should be questions that are geared towards helping you understand her better and know what her needs and wants are. So know the right questions to ask. Some of such questions include:

  • What type of event she is attending
  • The day of the event
  • The type of outfit for the event
  • What your client’s personal makeup routine is like
  • What makeup style she loves for that kind of event

Asking these questions and more will help you come with a final look that will leave your client absolutely satisfactory. However, be open to suggestions from her. Some people, even though they are being made up, still won’t appreciate looking completely like a different person. Therefore, try to understand her and know how best to satisfy her needs.

#5: Create a sense of order

Having everything in order before your client shows up will send a strong message to your client about your professionalism. So before she comes, have the room fully set up. Make sure your makeup tools are neatly arranged and the environment calming enough. But in a situation where you will have to go meet your client in their homes, hotel room, or dressing room, let her know you will be needing about 20 minutes to set up prior to application.

A neat and calm environment will allow your client relax and let you do your thing the way you know to do it best!

#6: Deliver on your work

One golden rule for all makeup artists is to never make a promise they won’t be able to keep. Always create realistic expectations. It is better to tell your client during the consultation that you will enhance their key features and minimize areas they have expressed concern over. But promising that you will make anything disappear may not be realistic. Your client will always expect anything you promise them. And sometimes, what a client really wants may be something you cannot accomplish with makeup alone.

Final Note

While you strive to follow these tips to impress and serve your client the best way possible, remember to be creative. Don’t be afraid to show your skills and confidence. The purpose of the consultation is to leave your client wowed when she looks at herself in the mirror. So, feel confident to bring that unique magic touch on board and demonstrate your creativity.

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